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Interview With a Vampire...
Ellen discusses common questions about her books. Click on a question to see the answer.

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Q. Do you believe in vampires?
E.S. - No, but then again, Im not sure I havent dated a few. :)
Q. Is Kissing Coffins a real movie?
E.S. - No. I created it for Vampire Kisses 2--Kissing Coffins. But it does seem spooky and I would love to see it as a real film.
Q. How long will the series be?
E.S. - At this time, I am contracted for eight books. But who knows--I didnt think there would be any after the first. :)
Q. Are the stories in the manga different from the novels?
E.S. - Yes. Same characters, but linear stories. You dont have to wait to finish the novels before reading the manga. They can be read at the same time without any confusion. And youll get to meet Claude, Alexanders sexy and menacing cousin.
Q. Will there be a sequel to Teenage Mermaid?
E.S. - Id like to write one someday, but at the moment Im writing Vampire Kisses novels and mangas. And of course, there are those other novels Ive begun writing...
Q. Why do the books take so long to come out? Can you write faster?
E.S. - I do write fast! But there are a lot of behind the scenes goings on that the reader doesnt see. First they are in hardback and HarperCollins wants these books to come out once a year. There are fabulous editors, copyeditors, cover designers and they all need time to get their part done. So you can see it takes a while to publish them.
Q. Why is the model on The Coffin Club different from the other books?
E.S. - Raven grew up! The first model and photographer are from France. And though the books take place over a year, the publication dates are once a year. So the original Raven is probably off to college! Now we have an American model--so the editor can actually attend the photo-shoot.
Q. Where did you find Ravens dress on the cover of Dance with a Vampire? 
E.S. - The editors wanted me to find a dress for Raven. I searched all over online and when we finally decided on one--it was in Australia and we didnt have time to order it and have it shipped to France in time for the shoot. So it was back to a weekend of online window shopping and I finally found the perfect dress. It was shown in pink, but they had one available in blood red. To die for!!! You can find one here at http://www.jeannienitro.com/
Q. Are Hello Batty and Olivia Outcast real?
E.S. - No. I made them up for the books. Some cute characters that Raven would adorn on her accessories. But I do have hopes that sometime they have their own story. Perhaps in the future...
Q. Since you were an actress, is Aunt Libby based on you?
E.S. - No, shes actually a combo of my Aunt Esther and my long time friend in Chicago. Everyone should have an Aunt Esther. Shes really loving and kind and loves girl talk. My friend in Chicago is a totally hippie-girl. I think shes Jim Morrison reincarnated.
Q. Where is Dullsville?
E.S. - Dullsville is a state of mind, really. My mind, anyway, when I wrote Vampire Kisses. It is not a real town, but I do get some ideas when I drive around. My mom grew up in a small town, so she gives me some ideas--like the spring carnival in Vampireville. Beckys house (the exterior) is a few miles from me. But mostly, the ideas just pop in my head.
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